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Product Designer / UX Designer

MDsave Direct

research, personas, user testing, information architecture, prototypes, interaction and visual design
MDsave - UX portfolio examples - Dennis Crothers

MDsave Direct is healthcare bundling technology platform that enables an open healthcare marketplace, targeting patients with out-of-pocket costs. It offers fully bundled discounted healthcare services in exchange for upfront payments for employers, PPOs, and providers. MDsave Direct has been used to create over 7,000 consumer healthcare bundles deployed in the marketplace, with subscriptions for over 2000 providers, in 167 hospital networks across the U.S.

Defining Personas
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The MDsave Direct user could be anyone who worked for or within a hospital network. To keep our product releases on point, and to prioritize our focus, we narrowed down the personas — who we were designing for — to four profiles: the CFO, Patient Advocates, Registrars, and Financial Counselors.

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Designing Robust Tools

Dashboards were designed for hospitals to track the ROI of MDsave. The dashboard showed how many vouchers had been sold, how many still needed to be redeemed, what procedures and specialties were being performed the most, and how marketing efforts and referring doctors were impacting their revenue.


MDsave Direct dashboard.


Maps displaying a hospital's reach — where referrals are coming from, and how far patients are traveling for care.

Streamlining Workflow

The MDsave product and design team worked closely with hospitals' accounting teams — understanding their workflow, where pain points existed, and what kind of errors typically occurred. Our approach led us to designing and releasing features that eased workflows, reduced errors, reduced admin costs, and increased payment collections.

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Voucher redemption was streamlined.


Hospitals still deal with a lot of paper. Statements and other necessary printed material were redesigned , reducing the amount of paper by 50 to 90%.

Establishing a Visual Language
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Selection of artwork and icons curated for MDsave Direct's Marketing collateral.


Selection of icons designed to represent over 40 medical specialties.

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Visualizing Complex Stories

Visualizations of concepts were often created to help communicate — and simplify — complexities that only a visualization can. Such diagrams were often used to address a broad audience of business clients and prospective partners.


Visualization of MDsave's bundling platform.

MDsave's bundling and payment distribution model was one example —  which needed to illustrate that any episode of care, from an x-ray to a hip surgery, could be bundled using our scaleable software. A bundle would cover the fees of all possible physicians, facilities, and other practitioners, allow for any procedure or coding variants, and bundle any inclusions such as pre- or post-operative care.


Diagram illustrating how marketing efforts can amplify a hospital's conversion rate.

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