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Product Designer / UX Designer


information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, interaction and visual design, front-end development
WIRED - UX portfolio examples - Dennis Crothers

As UX Director of WIRED, in addition to creating the overall information architecture, navigation, and UI of the site, I had the chance to work with talented writers, photographers, and artists to design engaging experiences for many editorial features.

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UI design for Wired's 20TH Anniversary Issue online.

20TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE. WIRED celebrated its 20th anniversary by publishing over 70 articles of people, companies, and ideas that defined the past two decades. The information architecture and UI were designed to allow users to find entries in a number of ways, while on the backend, a workflow was established allowing a smooth workflow between editors, designers, and the engineering team.

bike guide

Diagram outlining editorial and production workflow for Wired's 20th Anniversary Issue online.

Diagram outlining editorial and production workflow (PDF).

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PHOTO ESSAY. WIRED’s feature on bike messengers was one of the online publication’s first photo essays. Designed as premium content, the digital spread ushered in more creative layouts than standard blog posts or photo slideshows.

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Design for WIRED's annual Spring Camp Guide.
Design for WIRED's annual Spring Camp Guide.

SPRING CAMP GUIDE. WIRED's annual Spring Camp Guide reviewed the latest high-tech gear for the rivers and trails. Products made of advanced materials and innovative designs were reviewed and sold to an exclusive sponsor, Olympus. Photos by Ariel Zambelich.

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Game Interface Design
UI design fora gamepublished by Wired, Cuththroat Capitalism.

CUTTHROAT CAPITALISM THE GAME. As a companion piece to their in-depth look at the piracy off the Somalian, WIRED published a game, Cutthroat Capitalism, where users could pursue the role of pirates, testing their own negotiation tactics. Working with a writer and game designer, we worked through the story's structure, design elements, and research data to restructure the print piece into a game. The game received accolades for its ability to engage and teach.

Userflow diagram of Wired's Cutthroat Capitalism.

Userflow diagram of Wired's Cutthroat Capitalism (PDF).

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