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Logo Design

DoubleLoop logo

DoubleLoop. A service that helps product developers track releases and measure impact.

Tidepool Labs logo

Tidepool Labs. Incubator enabling practitioner-entrepreneurs to move from concept to startup and beyond.

Wired Best of CES logo

WIRED Best of CES Awards. Award given to products exhibiting highest marks of innovation at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

DeadDrop logo

DeadDrop. Open-source software platform for secure communication between journalists and sources.

Wired Bike Test logo

WIRED Bike Test. Periodical reviews of high tech bicycles.

Find Food Bliss logo

Find Food Bliss. Service offering menus and consultation for those with dietary restrictions who want to eat healthier.

Dogpatch Now logo

Dogpatch Now. Merchant group in the growing district of Dogpatch, San Francisco.

Tunnel Top Park logo

Tunnel Top Park. Multi-use public space in Potrero Hill, San Francisco, built over an early 1900’s train tunnel.


Dogpatch Playground. Children's playground in the revitalized Dogpatch, San Francisco neighborhood.

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