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Custom Pet Portraits 

Decorating your home with personalized artwork is a great way to celebrate one of the most beloved members of the family – your pet. Based in California, Dennis Crothers specializes in creating commissioned, one-of-a-kind oil paintings of pets. Each portrait strives to capture the animal’s likeness and spirit.


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What kind of photos should I send you?

The best photos to paint from are taken in natural light, outside or near a window. Photos taken at your pet’s eye level, about 6 feet away, can create a real connection with your loved one. Sending multiple photos is recommended, providing a better understanding of your pet’s likeness and personality.


How do I choose the size of a painting?

Determining the right size for a portrait depends on several factors. First, consider where in your home you will display your painting. You may have the perfect wall in mind to hang the artwork, or you may want a cradled wood panel that can stand upright on a shelf or mantle. The second factor is based on the image. A recommendation on dimension and orientation (square, portrait, or landscape) can be given based on the best image.


Canvas or wood panel?

Oil paintings can be done on wood panels or canvas. Wood panels were used by the masters in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, long before canvas, and are having a comeback. Wood panels offer a smooth texture and colors can appear more lustrous.  Canvas paintings have the texture of woven fabric, and are lightweight regardless of size.

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